I love ghost stories as much as I love horror movies. I think they go hand in hand. I love the stories behind the myths, even if I don’t believe them. I’m not going to stay at Camp Crystal Lake and be worried that Jason Voorhees is going to get me. Hehe. Just like how I don’t think that ghosts are going to get me or do things to me. If I see them, that’s cool, but why be scared? But I actually want these things to happen to me, I want the paranormal to prove itself to me so much that I want to see shit flying across the room at my head. There’s so many things that I can explain away but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to experience them. Make me believe! Until then, just entertain me with stories. So what do I think about ghosts? I don’t believe in the afterlife; heaven or hell. So, I don’t know what to think about ghosts. I’ve clearly seen things and felt things that I cannot explain but I don’t necessarily think it’s ghosts as people think ghosts are. My imagination is creative and I feel like in the right setting that it can do some awesome things. I like the creepiness around it and what it does to people and that’s why I like doing all these ghostly things and hearing about people’s stories and going to the creepy places because I don’t necessarily believe it is what they say it is but I like hearing the stories. I like hearing everyone’s ghost stories because everyone has got one!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"The Scariest Ghost Tour" - Dublin, Ireland

“The Scariest Ghost Tour in Dublin” but that was a lie
 It’s not scary at all.  I didn’t like that they said that. Got my hopes all up hehe. I was with my little brother who doesn’t like scary things so it ended up being perfect for us. The people were in character and when we were driving around it was funny. The funniest and probably one of the best ghost tours I’ve been on but not scary. It was awesome and because of that one we got a free tour that was in and around downtown Dublin. It was a good history one and still not too scary for my brother. Kinda a win for him. hehe. Just when I was trying to scare him.

The Gravedigger Ghost Tour

HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel - Ottawa, Canada

 The jail in Ottawa is now a hostel that you can actually stay there but not on the floor that’s haunted. I went there for a show and they were very nice and let me in quickly to do some contortion and play around in the area where the ghosts are supposed to be but nothing else. This was built in 1862 and it’s one of the top 10 spookiest buildings in the world, according to Lonely Planet.  In fact, guests have reported experiences hearing footsteps and creaking across the floors, knocking on cold, concrete walls and even the old death row is still there. I didn’t see anything myself but many guests do. A lot of people died in that prison and they were buried in the yard.

Contortion in a Haunted Jail

Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini - Rome, Italy

When I was in Rome with my Dad back in 2008 we found out there is a chapel that is decorated with bones, so of course I had to go. At this time I had never seen rooms decorated with human bones.
When the monks first arrived at the church they brought 300 cartloads of deceased friars from the old monastery. They arranged all the bones in the crypt in a beautiful way. When new monks died they buried them for around 30 years before exhuming them to add to the crypts, and new monks were added in their place.

Catacombs of Callixtus - Rome,Italy

The Catacombs of Callixtus has a guided tour you pay for and go underneath while they explain everything. It was cool and I like the history. But I was disappointed to discover that removed all the bodies. I was expecting bones and there weren’t any. So, if you’re looking for dead people don’t go there. There’s no bodies and no bones. hehe

The Colosseum - Rome, Italy

There’s a night tour you can take but that’s a different one from the day time tour where you’re on the top level. For night time, you actually get to go underneath, it was cool and a different type of history. I’d been there twice before and did two tours on the top level. Not really ghosty but there was lots of brutal stuff there and it was cool to see it at that level.

Dark Rome Tours

The Mermaid Inn - Rye,England

The Mermaid in is an old hotel that was for smugglers and so there’s hidden passages and hidden rooms and doorways behind bookshelves. Yea, it was fun. Unfortunately, the room that has the secret passages was already booked so I didn’t get to go through it but our room had a little back door that came from another room. The story there is, it’s haunted and something about a rocking chair about the room we were in was haunted. The chair was from a different room but we requested it and some people who don’t even know this place is haunted have woken up and put that chair outside into the hallways because of it rocking and doing its thing but they didn’t even know about it being haunted. This place doesn’t advertise that its haunted but I suggested that they did do the book thing for people to write ghost stories but they said they don’t really want people knowing that its haunted cause it scares people away, but a lot of famous people and royalty have stayed there. I went to bed and I was on the single bed and I put the rocking chair right beside me because I of course wanted to experience it. We pushed the chair on its own and it was the kind that’s planted and then does the rocking above it. And It didn’t rock easily on its own, you really had to push it or sit on it and rock it. We did our normal testing and then went to bed on the single mattress that was super skinny, probably the size of me. And I woke up in the middle of the night and I was on my stomach and I felt someone sitting on my bed. I laid there forever trying to decide if I should look. If it was there. If I was sleeping. Nope I was awake. Am I really awake though I don’t know. So, I flipped over really quickly to see who was sitting on my bed and of course there was nothing and the feeling of the person was also not there. Whether or not it was the lady from the rocking chair or in the room…. I really felt like I felt something and it definitely creeped me out. But it could’ve been a dream, I don’t know. In the morning, I had my friend sit on the bed to see if it felt the same and it did, it was a really cool experience. I didn’t see anything but I felt her sitting next to me or else my dream was awesome and it made me feel awake.

Video of my sleep over in a haunted hotel

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

American ghost story in Venice

Rayna and I found the meet up spot early for our private ghost tour in Venice so we went to have a drink. We ending up talking to the couple next to us about all our ghost hunting and they had a story tell.

They were from the USA. When their son was born they found out he was a hemophiliac. Their son needed a blood transfusion but they were scared of AIDS. It was the 80's. When their son was at the hospital in the baby unit they met this Doctor. They were in a unit that you needed a bracelet to pass two locked doors to get into the quarantine baby unit. This Doctor told them about experimental methods that are being done with Hemophilia and gave the doctors name and number for them to contact. They called him and he was doing experimental work on getting AIDS out of the blood, but the number was is home number and he had not really told anybody what he was doing. They asked the hospital staff to talk to the doctor again and they said no one went in the room. 

So they met a ghost doctor that told them about a real doctor doing research on cleaner blood that their son ended up doing for years. Go ghost doctor.